A Seamless Approach to Business Certification

Sustainable Certification has helped organisations of every size effortlessly achieve the certifications they need to stand apart, and there’s no smarter choice for your business. A modern boutique certification agency, we offer our clients the benefit of decades of experience. Built by seasoned industry professionals who understand the industry, your organisation will be working with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable auditors in the industry, making the road to certification as short and straight as possible.

At the heart of our business is a dedication to the client. We understand that for many business-owners, this could be their first attempt at achieving certification for their company. Whether you’re going to tender and are looking to work with your first certification agency, or have an existing relationship with a company and are looking for a more efficient, agile approach to certification, we have the solution. Our goal is always to make the next step clear and simple, so you can spend less time


Bringing transparency to the certification process

A sense of clarity can be hard to come by in an industry as complex and as highly regulated as quality management system certification. Sustainable Certification understands that this lack of transparency can be extremely distracting to business-owners, preventing them from giving their organisation the attention it needs to reach its full potential.

To help you know exactly where you are today and where you’ll be tomorrow, we offer access to our unique online portal, allowing you to store and view your certification documents in a single, central repository. You’ll have complete vision on the entire certification process, allowing you to plan for the future and manage this journey without the stress and confusion that normally comes with it.

As part of our dedication to transparency, we’re upfront about the final cost of our services. You’ll be provided with an accurate quote with travel expenses charged at cost, so you can have a globally-recognised certification without the astronomical price to your organisation.

Tailoring every project to your requirements

Have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re working with someone who understands your organisation. All of our clients are matched to an auditor who has special knowledge of your industry, so if you’re in construction, expect someone who understands what goes into putting up a building.

Talk to the experts at Sustainable Certification and find out why we’re the preferred agency for businesses across the country. With extensive experience across a range of national and international standards and a portfolio spanning business around Australia and across Asia-Pacific, we have the expertise your organisation requires. Contact us today on +61 3 9328 3844 or send any questions via email to co@sustainablecertification.id and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.